Arts for Gowanus: Public Exhibition

Arts Gowanus is looking to feature new public artworks to be displayed throughout the neighborhood. They want pieces that capture history, diversity, and the community of Gowanus.

The initiative is being funded by a $35,000 grant from New York City Councilmember Brad Lander in order to emphasize the importance of arts and culture in the neighborhood. Though Gowanus is known for its industrial past and polluted canal, it is now home to hundreds of artists and creative businesses. The project aims not only to beautify the neighborhood, but also to give a visual representation of the new identity of Gowanus as a center for arts.

Step 1: Create your piece! The project needs to be ready for installation by June 2015 and can be created in any media that makes sense; no performance art, since it will be an 11 month long display. Keep in mind that the works will either be displayed on either the concrete plazas on both sides of the Carroll St. Bridge at Ennis Playground, or at the Whole Foods Canal Front Park. The project is also accepting other locations, but you need written permission from the owner.

Step 2: Make an “artist’s statement/bio,” including any reason Gowanus is particularly close to your heart as well as a brief proposal with a project description, 8 images relating your proposed project and image script to explain what your pictures are of.

Step 3: Get your work submitted by March 2nd. And then twiddle your thumbs and await approval (or rejection).

If you want more info, there’s a meeting on Monday, February 9th at the Old Stone House (336 3rd Street). Or if you’re just an art appreciator, look forward to the project’s completion in June!