PopUP Forest Will Leaf You Breathless

Do you remember the vision42 plan for Times Square? And do you remember how a lot of those plans involved more greenery? Turns out there’s another plan to introduce more any plants to the area. But whereas vision42 was on a crosstown light rail, PopUP Forest will focus exclusively on transforming the square into greenspace.

PopUP Forest recently hit its $25,000 Kickstarter goal, which isn’t exactly surprising. As locals know – and tourists come to realize – Times Square can be too bananas for its own good. Between the flashing lights and swirling crowds, the whole thing can be a sensory overload. PopUP Forest Times Square intends to change that with a whole bunch of trees, shrubs, and flowers: a veritable forest in “the most un-natural place on the planet”. But before anyone gets their hopes up, it's really just a pop up project. The plan is to have the forest appear some time in June next year, but disappear after three weeks to the dismay of pretty much everyone.

PopUP Forest Times Square is sponsored by (the criminally underrated) NYC Wildflower Week, and since they exceeded their $25,000 goal just a few days ago, they intend to hold another round of crowdfunding to raise a total of $40,000 by April 17.

Strictly speaking, the plan is really only just that. While several officials and organizations are interested in the project, PopUP Forest needs do some pilot testing in Gowanus first, and then will move on to Times Square—pending the approval of the Times Square Alliance. In short, the idea isn’t even close to implementation, but it’s getting there.

While this plan has been met with a combination of curiosity and approval, it’s worth mentioning that like other ambitious Times Square projects, PopUP Forest has neglected to explicitly state any plans for the revival of Pop-Tarts World. Seriously, why isn’t Pop Tart sushi every foodie’s priority?