Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill is a charming little neighborhood (approximately 20,000 people) in northwest Brooklyn. It has come a long way since the 1970’s. Formerly abandoned streets now bustle with activity--formerly decaying homes are now polished brownstones. Independent businesses thrive in the neighborhood; there are numerous small restaurants, boutiques, bars, and coffee shops that serve a growing number of loyal customers. Homes have been restored, and property prices often surpass $2 million. As the area revitalized, Boerum Hill’s demographics shifted dramatically. It is now a middle and upper class neighborhood. Boerum Hill is surrounded Park Slope, Gowanus and Downtown Brooklyn.
The Vibe
A classic Brooklyn neighborhood; quiet and quaint when it needs to be, loud and vibrant when it doesn’t. Several galleries give the area an artistic flare.
Bragging Rights
The Atlantic Avenue Design District.
Brownstones, red brick rowhouses, and an occasional freestanding home.
Best Kept Secret
Home of the “invisible dog” exhibition.
By Day
Locals—a healthy mix of young and old--go about their day. A steady stream of customers come in and out of restaurants and shops.
By Night
Light and sound emanates from local restaurants and bars.