Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill, which blends into neighboring Fort Greene, occupies an area in north-central Brooklyn, and dates back to the 17th century and was once a magnet for Brooklyn’s elites. Currently, Clinton Hill is an up-and-coming neighborhood with its diverse and artsy population that retains a welcoming atmosphere. The neighborhood, while relatively quiet when compared to its Williamsburg neighbor, is becoming increasingly popular as local businesses gain prominence and students call the area home.
The Vibe
Clinton Hill is largely residential, ethnically diverse and artsy with many small restaurants and student pieces throughout the neighborhood.
Bragging Rights
Pratt Institute’s 25-acre campus in the north has revitalized the neighborhood and the many landmarked buildings show Clinton Hill’s historical significance.
Rows of landmarked brownstones and mansions, condos and apartment buildings convey the diversity of Clinton Hill.
Best Kept Secret
Pratt Institute’s sculpture park is the largest of its kind in the city and is a favorite spot for locals and students.
By Day
A bustling array of students, artists, middle class workers and businesses make up the pulse of the neighborhood.
By Night
Students and young professionals unwind in local bars or travel through the area to trendier Brooklyn spots.