Financial District

“Passing the buck” takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the Financial District located in Lower Manhattan. Formerly the 16th-century colony of New Amsterdam, FiDi’s historic value and corporate culture creates a lucrative climate for tourism and business alike. While the area is most well-known for for its political and financial institutions, FiDi has recently become the city’s newest residential destination, attracting apartment hunters with its growing nightlife, high-class restaurants and pedestrian-only areas like Stone Street.
The Vibe
The economic heart of New York City, this business hotspot has become increasingly residential in recent history.
Bragging Rights
This economic powerhouse is known as the country’s economic backbone, and is one of the last places you want to see shut down.
Streets blended with a mixture of old-style terracotta, new hi-rise buildings and everything inbetween.
Best Kept Secret
George Washington gave his farewell speech to his officers of the Continental Army in Fraunces Tavern in 1783. Built in 1719, the building at 54 Pearl Street is still active as a tavern, restaurant and museum.
By Day
A bustling area catering to the corporate crowd and flocks of tourists.
By Night
FiDi has an emerging nightlife scene, although the emphasis is still on the happy hour business crowd.