Gramercy Park

A neighborhood known for its exclusionary status, Gramercy Park is home to the classy, chic, and sophisticated New Yorker. Typical residents include Hollywood actors to Broadway bigwigs, and the city’s most limited-access park. With the restaurant hub Irving Place a stones throw away, the historic Gramercy Park Hotel in the area, and the city’s oldest buildings #34 and #36 still standing strong, Gramercy Park is unlike any other neighborhood in the city.
The Vibe
You know you’re somewhere special when on the quiet streets of Gramercy Park, which are accentuated by oft-lauded architecture, with one block earning the nickname “Block Beautiful.”
Bragging Rights
Irving Place is the area’s hotspot that attracts tourists wanting to attend one the city’s oldest pubs. Additionally, there is Irving Plaza that holds numerous concerts and sets the stage as main attraction for enthusiasts.
Lined with old townhouses built in the 1850’s and the home of iconic Gramercy Park Hotel.
Best Kept Secret
The park itself is open to the public on Christmas Eve every year.
By Day
A great area to run the public sidewalks that circle the perimeter the park, as well as attract tourists.
By Night
A quaint, safe area for an evening stroll, a drink at the pub, or dinner at Irving place.