Greenwich Village

The meandering, cobbled and tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village give this Manhattan neighborhood a distinct European feel. The epicenter of Bohemian and alternative culture, Greenwich Village’s famous charm lies in its low-rise townhouses, quaint gardens, and a buzzing, trendy population. Numerous counter-culture figures and artists were proud to call the Village home, and its lack of redevelopment means their presence can still be felt.
The Vibe
Charming Greenwich Village feels like the beating heart of New York, packed with restaurants, bars, and small boutiques.
Bragging Rights
Greenwich Village has been home to some of America’s greatest artists, including Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Thomas Wolfe and Edgar Allen Poe.
Once a rural hamlet in the 17th century with the European settlement, its historic streets have dodged the later grid plan of the 19th century and paved the way for the converted tenement buildings you find today.
Best Kept Secret
Murray’s Cheese will unravel its cave to cheese enthusiasts and even offers classes where you can taste through a half-dozen tasty and smelly cheeses.
By Day
Laze about Washington Square and meet its myriads of dogs and musicians.
By Night
A neighborhood that never sleeps, Greenwich has plenty of nightlife with famous establishments such as the Blue Note, Village Vanguard and Smalls Jazz Club.