Kips Bay

Brick-faced apartment buildings, cozy coffee shops, and quiet streets are just a few of the many inviting charms to be found in Kips Bay. A family-friendly residential neighborhood nestled between Gramercy Park and Murray Hill, this is one of the few Manhattan districts that can qualify as ‘undiscovered.’ Recent residential growth comes as no surprise though, as more people seek out a sense of seclusion in Midtown East, away from the constant hustle from all sides--and it comes complete with fantastic waterfront views of Queens and Brooklyn from across the East River.
The Vibe
Even though the area carries a lot of historic value, it still offers a lot of entertaining facilities like the AMC movie theater, fitness centers, shopping and tourist attractions.
Bragging Rights
The Kips Bay area offers excellent views of the East River and numerous historic buildings.
A compilation of modern hi-rise buildings, brownstones and one very old, rare wooden house belonging to the settler from which the area takes its name, Jacobs Hendrickson Kips.
Best Kept Secret
Broadway Alley (no relation to musical theater) is reportedly the last unpaved street in Manhattan.
By Day
A nice area to take in some sights, watch a movie or do some shopping.
By Night
In close proximity to lower Manhattan where many people go to enjoy nightclubs and popular hang out spots.