Lenox Hill

Lenox Hill is part of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and is subsequently one of New York’s most affluent neighborhoods. The neighborhood is named after 18th century Scottish merchant, Robert Lenox who once owned the area, and was once farmland but was divided and sold in the 1800s. Lenox Hill, or “the Other East Side,” currently bridges the gap between the Old New York of the UES and Midtown East and is a unique blend of the areas, boasting a diverse population and housing options to accommodate people of all backgrounds.
The Vibe
An increasingly popular neighborhood, Lenox Hill is home to college graduates, families, and long-time residents in a relatively quiet neighborhood thanks to its lack of multiple subway terminals.
Bragging Rights
The historic Lenox Hill Hospital and Hunter College are staples of the area while Central Park is more or less in one’s backyard.
A mix of large post-war apartment buildings, pre-war row houses, walk-ups and a handful of mansions and townhouses make up Lenox Hill.
Best Kept Secret
Lenox Hill is home to the Frick Collection, a private collection of many European masterpieces, antique furniture, oriental rugs and much more.
By Day
College students, commuters, families and tourists go about their business between Central Park, the hospital, Hunter College and the multiple local businesses.
By Night
Aside from the hospital, Lenox Hill is considerably less lively in terms of pedestrian traffic at night but still hosts a number of bars and restaurants frequented by locals unwinding from work.