Lincoln Square

Lincoln Square brushes up against Columbus circle and Central Park, creating an atmosphere that invites heavy tourist traffic along with high end, real-estate demand from wealthy, long-time residents. This neighborhood earned its fame in 1959 from the completion of the Lincoln Center, and even today people flock to the center on a daily basis to watch shows, concerts and ballets.
The Vibe
An uptempo, modern area that welcomes artists, tourists and established home buyers looking to live in luxurious upscale buildings.
Bragging Rights
Lincoln Square offers breathtaking views and plenty of fun things to do. With Central Park on one side and the Hudson River on the other, residents and tourists can enjoy long walks in the park or a nice bike ride along the riverfront.
Lincoln Square is surrounded by modern day skyscrapers combined with elegant designs, that attract both clients and tourists.
Best Kept Secret
In a strange twist, nobody knows how the area got its name.
By Day
A hotspot filled with tourists, college students, and business people, looking to spend time in the park or getting something to eat.
By Night
Enthusiasts looking to soak in some culture and entertainment at the Lincoln Center of Performing Arts.