Long Island City

Long Island City was originally a gritty, industrial area. Large factories lined the streets, smoke billowed into the air, and the sidewalks were deserted. Not anymore. Massive glass high-rises now tower along the East River, offering spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. Old factories have been transformed into theaters, concert venues, and art galleries. Restaurants and bars continue to open in formerly abandoned buildings.
The Vibe
An up-and-coming neighborhood where glass high-rises mingle with converted factories, creating a distinct medley of industrial grittiness and 21st Century vibrancy.
Bragging Rights
Home of Silvercup Studios (which produced Sex and the City) and formerly the Five Pointz graffiti museum (RIP).
Impressive modern high-rises and converted factories.
Best Kept Secret
Socrates Sculpture Park. A public park that boasts a continually rotating array of sculptures created by renowned artists.
By Day
Young professionals in suits run to the train; old men sit on the dock and watch the ferries come and go.
By Night
Music and laughter floods from scattered bars and restaurants; bohemians and yuppies float in intermittent droves through the otherwise empty and quiet streets.