Lower East Side

Often regarded as the area between the Bowery and the East River and from Houston Street to Canal Street and East Broadway, the Lower East Side is an incredibly lively corner of Manhattan. Hosting a unique mix of historic sites and new developments, the Lower East Side blends old New York with modern New York. The wide array of nightlife peeks on weekends and marks the Lower East Side as an energetic neighborhood that is bound to satisfy anyone looking for excitement and variety in their evenings.
The Vibe
Neighborhoods like Chinatown and the East Village, transformed Lower Manhattan, creating a reputation that caters to merchants, musicians, artists and tourists.
Bragging Rights
Lower Manhattan was the first part of the island that was developed. Its history and culture contributed towards New York City’s dominant role in the country.
Lined with cobblestone roads, brownstone buildings, and government and financial buildings with a clear greek influence.
Best Kept Secret
Lower Manhattan’s best kept secrets include historic neighborhoods, buildings and stories of 18th century gangs, violence and conflicts with Irish and Italian immigrants as the New York experienced one of many transformations in it’s history.
By Day
A combination of tourists, business professionals, merchants, deal seekers and artists, looking to enjoy the history and culture of the neighborhood.
By Night
A bustling night life, that fills the streets with musicians and party-goers looking to party in popular nightclubs like the Bowery Ballroom and Mercury lounge.