Midtown South

Midtown South is one of the most iconic and cliched areas of Manhattan that is notorious for its heavy concentration of people. Midtown South is the core of the big apple and the abundance of iconic buildings, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, transit terminals, hotels and New York City history located in the area support this. By no means a place for the claustrophobic, Midtown South is either loved or hated, depending on whom you are asking.
The Vibe
Hectic and eclectic, this is the New York you most often see in movies and on T.V. Midtown South is a unique hybrid of a commercial core of workers and visitors on vacation.Yet despite the overwhelming volume of people, Midtown South is one of the safest areas in New York.
Bragging Rights
The Empire State Building, Bryant Park and the adjoining New York Public Library building, the Macy’s flagship store, Madison Square Garden and Penn Station are but a few of the iconic New York buildings located here.
Skyscrapers such as the Art Deco Empire State Building, and modern glassy skyscrapers dominate the area while older buildings with finely detailed facades remain and architectural marvels, such as the New York Public Library, still stand triumphant.
Best Kept Secret
There are tons! But one cool one is that the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building was originally intended to be a docking station for airships but the idea was later scrapped when they realized how ridiculous and impractical this would be.
By Day
Tourists gawk at the sights and shops, slowly working their way around the neighborhood while busy commuters and frustrated natives dodge visitors and their inquiries about where the Empire State Building is (just look up!).
By Night
Depending on the night and time of year, Midtown South is comparatively deserted but still maintains some pedestrian and vehicle traffic as people head home or out to the bars and eateries throughout the area.