Park Slope

In 2010, Park Slope was voted the best neighborhood in the city by New York Magazine. The area is known for its excellent schools and parks, safety, convenient transportation, and community involvement. The residential streets are quiet and handsome, and there are a plethora of excellent restaurants and interesting shops nearby. Cultural entertainment options are plentiful in this impressively clean neighborhood; it is an excellent choice for ambitious and creative young people looking to start a life in New York City.
The Vibe
Friendly, charming, and relaxing, yet simultaneously vibrant and eclectic; a true family neighborhood with a modern, cultural flare.
Bragging Rights
Voted New York City’s best neighborhood by New York Magazine, voted one of the greatest neighborhoods in America by the American Planning Association, voted one of the best neighborhoods in America by Natural Home.
Emerging in the late 19th century as an affluent neighborhood, Park Slope has an abundance of beautiful townhouses and brownstones, though some contemporary condos occasionally rise throughout the area.
Best Kept Secret
Canal Bar—one of the few remaining true NYC dives.
By Day
Bustling coffee shops, young mothers with strollers, public art exhibits, farmers markets, kids walking to school, writers walking nowhere, and an occasional celebrity.
By Night
Hip bars, restaurants, shops, art galleries and theaters serve a truly diverse mix of young couples, hipsters, retirees, artists, musicians, college students, tourists, and everything inbetween.