A cocktail of fashionistas, foodies, artsy locals, and fancy tourists all flock to “South of Houston” to experience the flavor of one of the best neighborhoods in New York City. Once a hub for artists and their cramped studios, high rents have given way to the fashion warehouses of Chanel and Prada in old-era cast-iron facade buildings. From cupcakes to cashmere, and beyond, SOHO is almost like an aromatic potpourri of food, fashion, and frolic.
The Vibe
A thriving, vibrant neighborhood, Soho is home to a wide swath of the boho-chic and artsy crowd of Gotham City.
Bragging Rights
From big brand names to niche fashion boutiques--and even sidewalk stores in the summertime--Soho has it all.
A lot of classic architecture like buildings with iron facades and prewar loft warehouses can be found in Soho. Of course, many of them are now luxury condos, or house luxury stores like Prada and Chanel.
Best Kept Secret
Almost all of Soho falls under the “Soho Cast Iron Historic District,” and of particular note are its sidewalks, which are paved with Belgian blocks.
By Day
Soho is always bustling with locals and tourists. But one can often see people in Soho still calmly enjoying their cups of coffee in this neighborhood’s many cafes, despite the rush around them.
By Night
The pulse of downtown Manhattan, SoHo’s nightlife is vibrant with hip bars and trendy restaurants.