Sutton Place

Sutton place is a true Manhattan gem. The East Side neighborhood is very small in size and runs from 59th street to 53rd street. Sutton place falls on a small part of Ave A, that was later renamed York Avenue in honor of an WWI U.S Sergeant named Alvin York. The brownstone lined street is named after the neighborhoods developer Effingham Sutton. Another notable feature in the neighborhood is Sutton Place Park.
The Vibe
Overlooking the East River and Roosevelt Island, Sutton Place has a settled into an enclave for those wishing to escape the hustle of Midtown and the opulence of the Upper East Side.
Bragging Rights
This neighborhood has served as the set of many classic movies: How to Marry a Millionaire, Manhattan, Scarface, and American Gangster.
Sutton Place 19th century brownstones between 57th and 58th, riverfront townhouses built by Vanderbilt and grand co-operative apartments designed by Rosario Candela just before the Great Depression.
Best Kept Secret
Jubilee, located at 948 First Avenue, is a delicious French restaurant that has served Sutton Place for more than 19 years now.
By Day
Stroll in the parks by the East River, or around its upscale apartments: the feel is very much like that of the Upper East Side.
By Night
One of Manhattan’s most peaceful residential neighborhoods, with a helping of excellent restaurants stretching along First Avenue.