An acronym for “Triangle Below Canal Street”, Tribeca is quietly tucked away from busy downtown Manhattan. Well lit luxury lofts, access to tons of transit lines, waterfront access, revamped industrial buildings, and popular for celebrity sightings. Calm and peaceful with views of the Hudson River, minimal nightlife, and mid-rise buildings are some of its distinct features.
The Vibe
A mix of artists, number crunchers, and families alike, this is a neighborhood that has the calm of a residential area, despite being close by the city’s hotspots and the Financial District.
Bragging Rights
Warehouse buildings converted to luxury lofts, Hudson River walks and views, and, perhaps, the most popular of all, the Tribeca Film Festival, a star-studded red carpet event
A good-looking row of neo-Renaissance homes built at the end of the civil war along with a few art deco buildings dotting the neighborhood.
Best Kept Secret
Tribeca is home to the Hook and Ladder Company No. 8, a still-in-use firehouse which was where the Ghostbusters movies and the Will Smith-starring Hitch, were filmed. The neighborhood is also home to a number of celebrities, including Daniel Craig and Leonardo Dicaprio.
By Day
A quiet neighborhood by day, with shoppers and tourists predominantly strewn around its shopping streets, which is home to upscale fashion, design stores and a few quirky boutiques.
By Night
This neighborhood is low key by night, with its understated elegance seen in its bars and restaurants. It is a great place to go to for foodies.