Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay has seen many changes throughout the years. During the 17th century it was known for providing shelter from the harsh weather generated on the East River and was also home to shipbuilders. It wasn’t until 1948 the neighborhood was excavated and is now the home for the United Nations , Chrysler Building and a multitude of other businesses.
The Vibe
Turtle Bay is located near the heart of Manhattan. This neighborhood offers a mixture of old world charm and modern day hi-rise buildings.
Bragging Rights
Turtle Bay is currently the home of the United Nations, welcoming dignitaries from all nations all over the world.
Turtle Bay looks out to the East River, and its streets are lined with brownstone and hi-rise buildings.
Best Kept Secret
Despite having played host to several celebrity residents like Katherine Hepburn, Stephen Sondheim and E. B. White, it’s surprising that Turtle Bay has managed to keep a relatively low profile as compared to other Manhattan neighborhoods.
By Day
A business friendly area that attracts quite a few tourists and visitors seeking out the United Nations and the East River.
By Night
It’s just a short walk to Times Square, and many of Midtown’s popular clubs and fine dining venues are located nearby.