Upper East Side

The Upper East Side, running from 59th street to 96th street and from 5th Avenue to the East River, has been appropriately called the Silk Stocking District for its abundance of affluent residents. Home to a multitude of world-renown museums, schools and architectural marvels, the Upper East Side emits elegance and prestige. The scenic appeal of the Upper East Side makes it an unrivaled destination in New York City for natives and visitors alike.
The Vibe
A luxurious, upscale neighborhood known for its class, the Upper East Side is a relaxed neighborhood with a stately aesthetic, with both families and young professionals seeking its exclusivity.
Bragging Rights
The “Museum Mile” is stretch of 5th Avenue densely populated with some of NYC’s most proud and enduring exhibits and collections.
Echoing the names of the Rockefellers, Roosevelts, Kennedys, and Carnegies, the Upper East Side is a quintessential example of American architectural achievement.
Best Kept Secret
Not many people know that the vast expanse of Central Park also hosts a fully functional zoo! Accessible via its 64th Street, Fifth Avenue entrance, people of all ages will find the Central Park Zoo a fun place to explore.
By Day
Thanks to the neighborhood bordering Central Park and containing a number of playgrounds, community centers, and schools, the general population is active and involved, giving the area a suburban feel.
By Night
A vibrant, welcoming nightlife consisting of an abundance of karaoke bars and Irish pubs for anyone wanting to let their tie down.