Vinegar Hill

This Brooklyn neighborhood is characterized by its old school charm. Vinegar Hill’s historic rowhouses, warehouse conversions, and cobblestone streets (among the last remaining in the city) complement a laidback atmosphere, even as it sits next the quicker pace of Dumbo. Since it’s located next to the water, Vinegar Hill’s residents enjoy peaceful views of the East River, the Manhattan skyline and the bridges that connect Brooklyn to it, all from a neighborhood that’s comfortably familiar.
The Vibe
Vinegar Hill has managed to maintain a sleepy, small town vibe despite heavy development in the surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods. There is a distinct sense of community; one resident remarked that, “The longer you stay in Vinegar Hill, the harder it is to not know your neighbors.
Bragging Rights
Cobblestone streets bring you back to old New York.
Charming and quaint pre-Civil War townhomes and rowhouses.
Best Kept Secret
Commodore Matthew C. Perry’s house is on the corner of Evans and Little Street.
By Day
Neighbors nod hellos as they walk to work; children meander to school.
By Night
The streets are quiet and peaceful; maybe some happy chatter drifts from a local community board meeting.