West Harlem

West Harlem and Harlem as a whole is a Manhattan neighborhood rich with history and culture. West Harlem, along with Central Harlem was the epicenter of the Harlem Renaissance that gave rise to many African American artists, playwrights, musicians, etc. Although West Harlem has suffered several waves of crime and corruption, recent efforts have sparked what many are terming as a second Harlem Renaissance that has revitalized the area. This resurgence in real estate, business and community has made West Harlem a competitor with the nearby Upper West Side as a desirable neighborhood.
The Vibe
West Harlem is an interesting mix of old and new that varies from block to block. There are run-down areas and businesses close to thriving theatres, museums and residential areas, apartment projects and many recently renovated apartment buildings.
Bragging Rights
West Harlem hosts sites such as St. Nicholas Park and City College as well as landmarks like the Apollo Theater.
West Harlem is made up of apartment projects, rowhouses and historic brownstones.
Best Kept Secret
The Studio Museum on 125th Street is a treasure trove of African American art and culture and was the first museum of its kind in the U.S.
By Day
Long-time residents make their way to work and school, recent transplants commute Downtown and college students go to class.
By Night
West Harlem is a quieter section of Manhattan, but a thriving nightlife is to be found along 125th Street.