West Village

This elaborate maze of quiet, narrow streets in downtown Manhattan is home to a variety of quaint boutiques, colonial brownstones, and the High Line, New York’s famous elevated park. In contrast to the grid system of midtown and uptown, the quirky layout gives the neighborhood a quasi-European feel, which makes its status as the home of the eccentric Beat Movement all the more appropriate. Although the variety of shopping and trendy nightlife make it a popular destination, it still maintains a serene charm to the delight of its residents.
The Vibe
Trendy and sophisticated with a close-knit community, the West Village is the perfect middle ground for those wanting a balance of big city conveniences and small town serenity.
Bragging Rights
The famed High Line elevated park, a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike, stands proudly within the West Village borders.
Winding, narrow streets lined with colonial brownstones set the West Village apart from the typical grid of Manhattan.
Best Kept Secret
Art Bar, located at 52 Eighth Avenue: head to the very end of this very popular bar, and you will discover a back room with sofas and chairs for a more intimate night.
By Day
Picturesque scenes, tree-lined cobblestone roads, and unmistakable bohemian roots greet you at every bend. West Village is a popular shopping destination as well.
By Night
Great dining and trendy pub-goers keep the atmosphere buzzing, but they’re rarely a disturbance to local residents.