One of New York’s most happening neighborhoods, Williamsburg is brimming with action with several bars, restaurants, and art galleries, and stores strewn all over this hipster hub. With diversity in its residents from Latino to Hispanic, to long time Brooklynites; Williamsburg attracts the youth moving into the city and the locals with a creative mind. Bedford Avenue is a stretch with the best bars and eateries, and hotels. To add to its hip vibe is its thriving music scene, with venues like Music Hall of Williamsburg, and numerous other little bars with live music.
The Vibe
Young and creative New Yorkers call Williamsburg home. This semi-industrial neighborhood is one of Brooklyn’s most happening culture oasis, with artsy boutiques and cafes, adding to its community feel.
Bragging Rights
Williamsburg leads the pack in terms of pop-culture, thriving nightlife, and a plethora of culinary options to choose from.
With the newer luxury high rises strewn along the waterfront, the heart of Williamsburg still remains in its row houses and walk-up apartments.
Best Kept Secret
The secret is in the name itself. Williamsburg was originally called “Williamsburgh” in the 19th century before it became consolidated with Brooklyn in April 1854. You can still see signs of its original spelling on buildings like the “Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburgh”, Brooklyn Public Library which has retained the ‘h’, and some street signs indicating the two spellings were used interchangeably.
By Day
The neighborhood is bustling with small businesses, with locals going about their daily lives, and tourists exploring the neighborhoods cafes and boutiques.
By Night
This is the neighborhood that will bring out the party animal in you. From dawn to dusk the neighborhood is bustling with activity in its several bars and restaurants.