Yorkville is a section of Manhattan’s Upper East Side and is more or less distinctive of the neighborhood. Historically, Yorkville was a working class and ethnically diverse area although with a heavy German influence. Now, it retains some of its Old World charm in German, Hungarian and Irish influences as well as some relatively affordable housing despite the widespread gentrification of the neighborhood.
The Vibe
A solid mix of young professionals, families, both middle class and affluent, in a somewhat ‘suburban’ area that retains its UES flavor through the buildings and abundant greenery but with a distinct hint of Yorkville’s historic roots.
Bragging Rights
Yorkville hosts many of New York’s premier schools as well as Gracie Mansion, the official home of the New York City mayor.
Many pre-war walk-ups with Romanesque influence, new high-rises and some stunning French Gothic-style churches mark Yorkville.
Best Kept Secret
Carl Schurz Park, located around Gracie mansion, is a beautiful and relatively quiet area frequented by locals for its serenity.
By Day
The typical UES mix of commuters, nannies tending to children, and patrons of local boutiques and restaurants.
By Night
Incredibly quiet by New York standards, making it ideal for families or those unwilling to deal with noise pollution.